Alaaqat vs Meta Business Suite

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Centralizing communication is crucial for businesses in today's digital landscape. Both Alaaqat and Meta Business Suite offer solutions for managing conversations across Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp all in one place. This article tries to explore their functionalities to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Centralized Inbox

Both Alaaqat and Meta Business Suite provide a unified inbox for managing messages from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Considering Comments

Meta Business Suite allows businesses to see comments on their Facebook and Instagram posts in the Comments & More section of the inbox, whereas Alaaqat focus on messages only and doesn't show comments in its inbox.

Multiple account integration

Alaaqat has the ability to integrate with multiple Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and Whatsapp, and show them all on the same inbox, whereas Meta Business Suite inbox is related to one Facebook Page, one Instagram account, and one Whatsapp account. This is especially important for companies that manage customer social platforms, or for big companies that manage multiple products and multiple social accounts.

Canned Responses

Alaaqat allows business to create canned responses (also called predefined responses) to quickly response to customers frequent questions, or to use them for promoting purposes, whereas Meta Business Suite does not have canned response feature.

Canned Responses


Alaaqat has a built-in CRM that store senders as potential customers, allow you to classify them, add notes to them, add custom properties, filter them by their properties and creating reports about them, it also allows you to create relations (such as deals and tickets) with custom properties to access all customer relations with ease. on the other hand, Meta Business Suite doesn't provide CRM features.



Although you can manage message in both Alaaqat and Meta Business Suite, each of them provide different experience and additional features, here is a summary of the differences:

Feature Alaaqat Meta Business Suite
Centralized Inbox ✅️ ✅️
Multiple account integration ✅️ ❌️
Considering Comments ❌️ ✅️
Canned Responses ✅️ ❌️
Integrated CRM ✅️ ❌️