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Alaaqat provides a complete customer communication solution with advanced segmentation and tracking features. Efficiently categorize and target customers for more effective marketing efforts.





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With Alaaqat being an official Meta partner It integrates into your Meta applications' conversations to gather customers and unify communication channels for you so you focus on what is important: Sales.

How does Alaaqat work


  • standardization of communication channels; With Alaaqat, you can easily connect with multiple communication channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. This feature allows you to receive all customer messages in one central location, saving you time and effort from having to check each platform separately to respond to your customers.
  • Automate responses; With Alaaqat, you can automate responses to common requests, providing real-time answers to your customers.

Contacts & Deals

  • Contacts Management; Create contact records, log activities, and view previous interactions using contact management tools to build relationships.
  • Deals Management; streamline the sales process, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration among sales teams using Alaaqat deals management tools

Customer Support

  • Support tickets; Support tickets provide a means to address customer requests that cannot be fulfilled during a conversation. This ensures no customer request is forgotten.
  • Notes and Properties; Alaaqat lets you incorporate properties and notes into your conversations with customers effortlessly. This allows you to recall their individual preferences and particulars for upcoming interactions, elevating the quality of your communication to a more sophisticated level.


  • Application Programming Interface (API); allows you to integrate your data with other applications.
  • Synchronous; Alaaqat enables seamless synchronization of data with other programs through the use of Webhooks.
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